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tomvdh's picture

Just noticed my wife's taurus is starting to squeal under the hood. sprayed some belt conditioner on the belt; dont know if my ears are playing tricks on me but it seemed to intensify after that. Dont see any metal shavings from around any of...

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2001 Ford Taurus. Hearing a quiet rattle seems like in the front end. I had a similar problem when I had my 90 ford thunderbird, and had SOMETHING replaced just cant remember what it was (ball joints maybe???).

ALSO, if anyone heavy is...

Merc92's picture

Hello. I have a 1992 Mercury Sable wagon 3.0 V6. I am getting a no spark. The ignition coil fuse (10 amp mini) blows everytime I turn the key. Please help!

bodeman803's picture

1999 ford ranger 3.0 V6 flex fuel. Ran hot put water pump and gaskets on timing cover. Then had too put new radiator in because it had a new leak. Still running hot and still no hot air. The water is not circulating through motor I don't think....

tomvdh's picture

Blower only works on high. Checked fuses and replaced the blower relay in the fuse box. Didnt fix the problem. Im going to order a new switch and see if that works...any other advice would be appreciated.

val's picture

I have a 1997 ford taurus. First thing in morning when I take off I have to climb up a incline to get car in first gear. It goes in gear with no jerking and goes in other gears fine. I turn car off and have to follow same process or I have to go...

mikeee's picture

96 taurus 3.0 only blows cold air. replaced thermostate,heater core, fluid levels are good. heater core does heat up. any insite would b great

Cindy Hogg's picture

HI there I just bought a 1992 Ford Taurus and need to change the signal light arm but can't figure out how to remove the ignition so that I can take off the top cover.

James L's picture

Does the hub assembly have to be removed to get the lower ball joint out?

greghughes47's picture

1993 ford taurus starts and drives. on three different occasions it quits running and will not restart immediately. all instances have occured within 5 miles of initial start up. after waiting 30 minutes or so the car will restart and operate...

gator100's picture

it sounds like the fuel pimp is running when the key is off, however when the key is turned on the fuel pump sounds like it engages normally, is there something else in the tank that could be running and making the battery go dead, i replaced the...

SableGS's picture

Can an airbag fault light be reset on a 2005 Ford Taurus ?

sinwagon's picture

Theres is a rumbling sound under my car when i go to brake if im pressing hard the rumbling is louder and the steering wheel will shake and jerk im told this may be loose tie rod ends?

hender2000's picture

Please tell me what is the part called that the radiator and ac condencer is housed in. It's a fiber glass housing that the radiator is stablized by. I am working on a 2000 Ford Taurus 3.0 liter engine.

thumper20321's picture

I was gone for two months, when i returned. my battery was dead so i jumped it off. when i applied the brake on the car it shut off. well in shock i tried to restart it and nothing so i jumped it back off and allowed it to run a bit longer, the...

dreiday's picture

How do you replace the headlghts on a 1996 taurus.